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Hey, I'm Anne Marie

I'm the founder of Musgrove Speech Therapy Solutions and I'm ready to jump into you and your child's journey to improved communication. For more than 10 years I've helped children experiencing all kinds of speech and language delays. I'm passionate about seeing kids light up as they express themselves and communicate with the world around them.

Let's get to work!

Follow the link below to get started with a free introductory consultation over phone or zoom. I can't wait to hear from you!

Making a Difference

"We are extremely grateful to have found Anne Marie for our daughter's speech therapy needs. She is kind, patient, and very effective in her approach. She not only helped our daughter correctly say her Rs, Shs, and Chs, but also improved her overall intelligibility. Anne Marie's follow-up and check-ins ensured that we were always on track and our daughter's confidence has significantly improved as a result of the therapy. We would highly recommend Anne Marie to any parent seeking a speech therapist for their child.”
- Elizabeth
“Right from the start, Mrs. Anne Marie understood my son's speech issues and has guided him towards significant progress." My son has been actively engaged in his therapy plan, and I love that Mrs. Anne Marie values his preferences, allowing him to feel a part of the process. I feel confident that he is well-supported under her care, and I'm grateful for the positive impact it has had on his language skills."
“Anne Marie has a deep love for her patients and a great understanding of what works for each individual. She is a truly exceptional speech therapist. Our son is on the spectrum, and Anne Marie's work with him has been life-changing. She has expanded his understanding of language, helped him with articulation and breathing, and taught him how to advocate for himself using words. She has been critical to our son's progress and has helped our entire family better communicate with him. We are grateful for her professionalism, her tender open heart, and her deep love for her patients. We couldn't ask for a better therapist!”
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