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Milestones in Speech Development: 5 – 6 years

As children grow, they reach various milestones in speech development that allow them to communicate more effectively with others.

Kids by a fence blowing bubbles

By age 6, the average child is 100% intelligent by both parents and strangers and has mastered all speech sounds. Other skills typically acquired by this age include sequencing events, using compound and complex sentences that are 8 or more words in length, answering WH questions, using language for a variety of different functions (i.e. labeling, describing, requesting, expressing opinions, etc), and follows multi-step directions.

While many children reach these milestones naturally, some may require the assistance of a speech therapist to fully develop their communication skills. If a child is consistently struggling to understand time sequences, follow directions, or engage in conversation, it may be beneficial to seek the guidance of a speech therapist. A speech therapist can work with the child to identify specific areas of difficulty and develop a tailored plan to address these challenges.


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